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We are a church of Nonconformists seeking to know Jesus Christ who was the original nonconformist.  SKuLLchapel is Real, Raw and Relevant. We named our church after the place He died for our sins. Jesus Christ laid down His life on a wooden cross on a hill called "Calvary" or in the English "Skull" .  The skull is a symbol of death to remind us that He died to give us life.

at SKuLLchapel our worship is louder and more rockin!

We simply teach through the Bible simply.

You can email in any questions you might have, and we will do our best to answer them.

A picture of Gordon's Calvary The place Jesus died, also Known as "the place of the Skull" "Calvary" or "Golgotha". 

GolgothaGordon's Calvary

This is the entire hillside Jesus' cross would have been on top.  We can see  why they called it "the place of the skull" 

We are in no way afiliated with the Chapel of the Skulls.... Man, that's just creepy...

Chapel of SkullsSkull Chapel

The Chapel of the Skulls in Sedlic Czech Republic. 40,000 Human Skulls decorate this chapel. Weird!